Tips how to start being active

Tips how to start being active


To begin is the hardest part of being active and loosing weight. I want to share a few tips, how to start being more active, than you are now.

I’ve always been kind of lazy and these tips got me out of the chair.

“Do the activity which is comfortable for you to avoid failure.”

Go for a walk

There’s no more native movement as walking. You don’t have to go for a long tour or hike in the mountains.
Is there a park nearby your house? Do you want to visit your friend a few blocks away?
Just stand up and go. Sometimes it is even quicker than going by car or a bus.

Take the stairs!

Everybody knows, but not all of us do that – do not take elevator or escalator, but take the stairs yourself.

You might think that it is short activity and it doesn’t matter, but going up and down few times a day – every step counts.

Clean and rearrange your house

Take time to clean all your house – hoover, mop up, wipe the dust, clean kitchen and bathroom. I bet you find loads of activities yourself.

When you are doing basic housework, such as cooking, washing the dishes, ironing, you are being active, too.

Don’t order food or shopping

When you take a walk to the restaurant, the meal always tastes better, I swear! And if not, you should be proud of yourself and your daily activity. Same case is shopping.

There are companies, which bring your shopping to your house, but we are active and we shop by ourselves, right?

Car forbidden

Do not take a car if it isn’t necessary. You will save money and nature will thank you, too. As well as your body.

When you have to take car, park it farther from your destination.

What is your weakness in these basic activities? How do you get yourself in shape in everyday life?

Don’t forget to eat healthy food and take care!

Have a nice day.

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