Tips for minimalism beginners

Tips for minimalism beginners


I’d like to focus on the minimalist theme in this post.

For you, who don’t know what “minimalism” means, please read What minimalism is & my opinion.

“Collect moments, not things.”

Write a list.

Write down everything you use in a day. You don’t have to do it in one hour – take your time.

Make a list of things you can’t live without and think about them carefully. Do you really need it? If you have it for a long time and you didn’t use it in the last month, it is possible that it is not useful for you.

Look in the closet.

It is a typical women’s problem, but men can struggle that, too. A closet full of clothes. 

Look at each piece of clothes and remember when did you wear it last time. Throw away all clothes, that are damaged – ripped, with smudges, faded. Buy new clothes when you actually need it, not when you just want a new t-shirt, which is very trendy now.

The key is to have less things, but quality. Don’t worry to buy more expensive clothes – be careful with choosing basic clothes, such as jeans, white and black t-shirt, jacket, formal skirt. It might be more expensive, but it will last for years.

Think about nature and ecology.

Minimalism isn’t only about what we use every day. It is about treating our environment well, too.

Sort paper, plastic, metals and everything what is possible.

“Treat the environment well.”

Put emphasis on what you buy and consume, loads of food are packed in vain. Take your own canvas bag for shopping and make little bags for bakery, fruit and vegetables so that you don’t have to take plastic. Start with little things but you’ll see how your life will get better and easier.

You don’t have to spend thousands on quality food. Eat vegetables, fruit and think about cheap healthy food.

Ease your mind.

We don’t sort just our physical staff. It is important to “tidy your mind”. 

Stop worrying about problems that you can’t solve. Do you have a friend who hurts you? It is hard to say, but stop visiting him. You don’t have to like everyone, it is not possible. But life is too short to waste time on wrong people. 

Try to solve everything important as fast as possible. You will feel free then.

What do you think about minimalism? Is it just a trend, or would you like to follow it forever?

I love the progress which I make, even if it’s just by little steps.

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