FOOD & RECIPES Healthy sweets

Healthy sweets

Hello! 🙂 Everyone want to get some sweets sometimes. Are there any healthy alternatives instead of eating Kinder Bueno or a Snickers? Of course! Fresh fruit It can’t be more simple than this. Any piece of fresh fruit should offer enough natural sugar to fill the cravings. Plus, it’s definitely the healthiest choice and you get …

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FOOD & RECIPES 5 smoothie recipes – quick and easy

5 smoothie recipes – quick and easy

Hello! Do you like smoothies? It is a real trend nowadays and I enjoy these drinkable snacks or breakfast. I’ve decided to write down my 5 favourite combinations. Enjoy! What smoothie is? Smoothie is a beverage which is made from fruits or vegetables, nuts, seeds, it can contain water, milk, yogurt, protein, matcha, sweeteners such …

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