FOOD & RECIPES Healthy sweets

Healthy sweets

Hello! ūüôā Everyone want to get some sweets sometimes. Are there any healthy alternatives instead of eating Kinder Bueno or a Snickers? Of course! Fresh fruit It can’t be¬†more simple than this. Any piece of fresh fruit should offer enough natural sugar to fill the cravings. Plus, it‚Äôs definitely the healthiest choice and you get …

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FOOD & RECIPES 5 smoothie recipes – quick and easy

5 smoothie recipes – quick and easy

Hello! Do you like smoothies? It is a real trend nowadays and I enjoy these drinkable snacks or breakfast. I’ve decided to write down my 5 favourite combinations. Enjoy! What smoothie is? Smoothie is a beverage which is made from fruits or vegetables, nuts, seeds, it can contain water, milk, yogurt, protein, matcha, sweeteners such …

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FOOD & RECIPES 4 tips for healthy snacks

4 tips for healthy snacks

Hello. It is a problem worldwide with¬†not eating regularly.¬†Typical routine for many people¬†is not having breakfast, having fast and unhealthy lunch¬†and when they come home after work, they¬†eat everything what is in the fridge. But well-known rule is¬†“do not overeat”!¬†Especially at night – it’s the worst you can do for your health and condition. It …

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