On a diet in a restaurant

On a diet in a restaurant


Imagine – you are on a diet and your friend is asking you to eat out, have a coffee, chill, talk.. Is it a nightmare for your shapes and you don’t know what to choose except a large cheese pizza? Today, I’ll advice how to choose from a menu when you are on a healthy diet.

Of course sometimes it is not dangerous to eat something not-that-healthy, but try to avoid it as much as possible. Especially if you go to eat out often.

Almost 75 % of us eat at a restaurant at least once a week, and 25 % dine out every two or three days, according to a study by the USDA. That’s not little.

Look at the menu

Most of restaurants have their own websites where they’ve uploaded their stable menu. Before going, look at the menu¬†wisely and think about what to have. The worst decisions are made in rush. Look mainly at grilled foods, salads, vegetable sides or lean meat.

Do not be scared to ask

If you can’t understand anything from the menu or you don’t know how something is prepared, just ask. There’s no problem about it and the waitress will understand, don’t be shy.

Don’t be afraid to make special requests, restaurants want to comply their guests.

Care about the portions

Most restaurants state the weight of portions in the menu. Look at it and think if it is enough for you, but it shouldn’t be too little. Eat enough to prevent post-lunch-fries, but do not overeat.

Healthy swapping

Choose whole grains such as brown rice or whole-grain bread over refined white bread and rice. Pass up the fries and the cheese-stuffed potato and order two vegetables, steamed, or a salad and vegetables. Instead of creamy pasta dishes, opt for those with tomato sauces, which are generally lower in fat and calories.

 You can have a delicious food without accusations!

Alcohol warning

You should know that the best alcoholic choice is a wine – you can choose any type you like. 2 dcl are healthy, so not drink too much. Other alcohols are usually full of calories.

What do you choose in a restaurant when on a diet?

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