Couchsurfing – what that is?

Couchsurfing – what that is?


have you ever heard about couchsurfing?

Travelling doesn’t mean saving up money all the year to spend a week by a sea. At least, it doesn’t mean this to me. I like visiting foreign countries, maybe not so beautiful, tourists-friendly and with full service, but every place has its own beauty. Couchsurfing is a great way how to travel and don’t spend a fortune on accommodation and also get to know the countries more through their citizens.

What couchsurfing is?

Couchsurfing is a new way of travelling, getting experience and having where to sleep for few nights. Couchsurfers are able to stay on a host’s sofa or in their spare room for free, and the host will often show the surfer round the city and welcome them into their daily life.

“Couchsurfing is a way of travelling and meeting people.”

It is not just about accommodation, it is about enjoyment and getting new friends.

How does it work?

The best known website is – you can get all the information and tips here.

In short, you register on this website, fill in your profile with all information about you and your photos. If you have friends who do couchsurfing, ask them to write you a personal review. Better this than nothing!

You can set if you want to accept guests to your house (at least set it on maybe). If you want just to travel, don’t say you won’t accept guests, that sounds rude. Now, when you are travelling to foreign country, you can look for hosts there and ask them for accommodation. And it is for free! It is usual, that the host will help you to meet the city you are travelling to, so take the opportunity!

It’s not automatic, you have to write a nice request and wait until they will choose you and confirm your stay. So take enough time before your departure! Read host’s reviews carefully to ensure your safety. No one can guarantee anything – but reviews talk by themselves. Almost no one ever had a problem.

For me, there’s not a better way how to travel. I’ve found out couchsurfing 3 years ago, I went to stranger’s couch 5 times and accommodate guests 3 times. 

Are you about to try couchsurfing? Or have you? Tell me your experience!

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