Cheap healthy food

Cheap healthy food

Some people might think that eating healthy means spending lots of money on food. If you buy food supplements, powder protein, not common fruit and vegetables, nuts and special nutrients, it is expensive. But if you think about it a bit, you may save your money easily.

And it’s easy to get vitamins, minerals and nutrients from common ingredients.

You don’t have to go to a restaurant every day (but you can, even on a diet :)). Cooking is not that complicated.


The best way how to save money is buying seasonal food. Think about vegetables and fruit, there’s always something. You can prepare dozens of different recipes which always taste great. And we can’t even discuss their positive health features! For example, you can make delicious smoothies with fruit and vegetables.

“Buy seasonal food to save money.”

Spring vegetable and fruit

Spring is the season when everything is blooming and we can enjoy the gifts of nature after long winter.

  • apricots
  • asparagus
  • broccoli
  • chives
  • corn
  • green beans
  • mango
  • oranges
  • peas
  • pineapple
  • spinach
  • strawberries

Summer vegetable and fruit

Summer is the best season for vegetable and fruit, because most of it is harvested under sunshine.

  • pear
  • cherries
  • beets
  • black currant
  • blackberries
  • cucumbers
  • figs
  • garlic
  • grapefruit
  • grapes
  • limes
  • nectarines
  • peaches
  • raspberries
  • tomatoes
  • zucchini

Fall / autumn vegetable and fruit

In fall, the nature is getting ready to sleep, but there are delicious fall’s seasonings, too.

  • apples
  • cauliflower
  • dates
  • ginger
  • guava
  • mushrooms
  • pear
  • pumpkin
  • sweet potatoes

Winter vegetable and fruit

Don’t be worried in winter, there are seasonal fruit and vegetables, too.

  • brussels sprouts
  • clementines
  • kale
  • kiwi
  • mandarines
  • oranges
  • passion fruit
  • red currants

Year-round vegetable and fruit

Look at this list of vegetable and fruit which are available all year!

  • amaranth
  • avocados
  • bananas
  • bell peppers
  • black eyed peas
  • cabbage
  • carrot
  • cranberries
  • celery
  • cherry tomatoes
  • coconut
  • lemons
  • lettuce
  • olives
  • onions
  • papayas

That’s a wide choice of food for all year, right?

Shopping in discount

Discount shopping isn’t bad, because you may buy great food at low prices! I can highly reccomend going to shop right before closing time or early in the morning, there are usually discounted items with short expire date. If you consume or proccess it fast, there’s nothing wrong about it. And what’s not sold is thrown into trash – so you can support ecology this way.

+ pro tip: they often discount mellow fruit!

Making stocks

When something is at a good price, it’s good to buy higher amounts and stock it. You can freeze meat, pastry, mushrooms, vegetables, fruit, or you can dry it. Then it’s always ready to use and you don’t have to go shopping and spend more money on it!

“Freeze or dry foods to have it available any time.”

Shop reasonably

You don’t have to buy special types of food when eating healthy. There’s a wide choice of common ingredients you can use to make great healthy cheap food.

Buy a rice, couscous, lean meat, vegetables and fruits and make it delicious together!