TRAVELLING What Geocaching is ? How to start?

What Geocaching is ? How to start?

Hello everyone! You might have heard about Geocaching, or maybe you play this worldwide game, but I’ve decided to sum up what GC is. What geocaching is? “An activity or pastime in which an item, or a container holding a number of items, is hidden at a particular location for GPS users to find by …

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TRAVELLING Couchsurfing – what that is?

Couchsurfing – what that is?

Hello, have you ever heard about couchsurfing? Travelling doesn’t mean saving up money all the year to spend a week by a sea. At least, it doesn’t mean this to me. I like visiting foreign countries, maybe not so beautiful, tourists-friendly and with full service, but every place has its own beauty. Couchsurfing is a …

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