Activity tips for people who don’t like gym

Activity tips for people who don’t like gym


Have you ever come to an idea of working out, but you are kind of confused about that? I know, gyms full of muscular men, parks full of completely fit people running – that is not very attractive for beginners.

If you want to work out, there’s not the only way of going to gym. There are loads of opportunities to exercise at home or outside. Btw, have you read Tips how to start being active yet?

“Crowded places full of fit people are not attractive for beginners.”

At home

You don’t even have to own a special equipment to be active at home. Expensive machines, dumbbells and other stuff are not necessary. One sleeping pad is enough to start working out at home.

If you don’t know exactly how to do it, watching YouTube is a great idea. Look for somebody, who is sympathetic to you and does videos for your level of condition! The best is if the person has certificates or is a professional trainer – do not believe everybody, they can do big mistakes which can harm your health.

Working out for 15 minutes a day, if it is intensive enough, can improve your condition. You can also try yoga, pilates and other sports, but always be careful about right practice of the exercise.


Especially now in summer, spending time outside is a great idea. There are plenty possibilities and you don’t only have to run in a park in city-centre.

Find a nice place behind the city, forest or a meadow are top. You can work out there without all eyes on you in a gym. I personally love walks in beautiful nature – mountains, around rivers and lakes.

Summer is the season of outside sports – cycling, inline skating, hiking, swimming. Just go out, take friends and have a great time!

Don’t be scared and try it!

There are mainstream fitness centres full of people, but maybe you can find not-that-known ones in your city, too. Just try and look for it. They might be not so crowded and there are also fitness centres designed only for women, if you would feel better like that. Smaller not-known gyms are also cheaper, if you worry about money, and it may be little less equipped.

What is your opinion about gyms? Do you enjoy working out with other stranger people or it is a problem to you? Tell me! 🙂 

Don’t forget eating healthy food! 🙂

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