4 tips for healthy snacks

4 tips for healthy snacks


It is a problem worldwide with not eating regularly. Typical routine for many people is not having breakfast, having fast and unhealthy lunch and when they come home after work, they eat everything what is in the fridge. But well-known rule is “do not overeat”! Especially at night – it’s the worst you can do for your health and condition. It is hard, but believe me – it’s possible to get rid of it.

Today, I’d like to give you few tips about snacking, which can help you to follow regular daily routine in eating.

Distinguish morning and afternoon snack

Snack should be something, what you will be looking forward to, to have a small pause at work or eat it by the TV on weekend.

The most common morning snack might be “lighter breakfast” – you don’t have to cook and prepare snacks separately, just leave a slice of grain bread with jam and eat it later! Great morning snack is also fruit, granola, yogurt, juice or smoothie. It is better to eat sweet food (including fruit) in the morning – because of sugar. And it also helps to reduce night overeating.

Afternoon snack is more like “lighter dinner”. You can have small vegetable salad with cheese, hard-cooked eggs, whole-grain crackers with ham, nuts and so on. 

All-in-one snack

Try to have more than one macro-nutrient (protein, fat, carbohydrate) at each snacking session.

For example, have a few nuts (protein and fat) and banana (carbohydrates). Or try some whole-grain bread (carbohydrate) with lean chicken ham (protein and fat). These balanced snacks tend to keep you feeling satisfied.

Take the snack with you

Working all day doesn’t mean not caring about your diet. Think ahead and carry a small bag of healthful snacks in your pocket or purse so you won’t turn in desperation to the cookies at the coffee counter or the candy bars in the office vending machine. There are loads of variant on the market, which can save you (packs of nuts, 100 % fruit bars…).

Take it easy

Do not prepare “complicated snacks”. Of course when you have enough time – go ahead, but at work or school there’s usually little time to enjoy your meals long. Take something quick – small box with vegetables, fruit, or smoothie, which you can drink everywhere.

What do you like most for snacks?

I hope you snack healthy & smart!

Best regards.

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