HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Activity tips for people who don’t like gym

Activity tips for people who don’t like gym

Hello! Have you ever come to an idea of working out, but you are kind of confused about that? I know, gyms full of muscular men, parks full of completely fit people running – that is not very attractive for beginners. If you want to work out, there’s not the only way of going to …

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TRAVELLING Couchsurfing – what that is?

Couchsurfing – what that is?

Hello, have you ever heard about couchsurfing? Travelling doesn’t mean saving up money all the year to spend a week by a sea. At least, it doesn’t mean this to me. I like visiting foreign countries, maybe not so beautiful, tourists-friendly and with full service, but every place has its own beauty. Couchsurfing is a …

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MINIMALISM Tips for minimalism beginners

Tips for minimalism beginners

Hello, I’d like to focus on the minimalist theme in this post. For you, who don’t know what “minimalism” means, please read What minimalism is & my opinion. “Collect moments, not things.” Write a list. Write down everything you use in a day. You don’t have to do it in one hour – take your time. …

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HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Tips how to start being active

Tips how to start being active

Hello! To begin is the hardest part of being active and loosing weight. I want to share a few tips, how to start being more active, than you are now. I’ve always been kind of lazy and these tips got me out of the chair. “Do the activity which is comfortable for you to avoid failure.” …

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